Domain Guidelines

Our Website Guidelines

Ranking Smart is committed to helping you get the search engine ranking you need—the smart way. To protect your ranking, we have to be smart about protecting our clients’ sites. We  don’t build links for just any domain: We only work with those domains that are original, high quality, and about family-friendly topics, created in ways the search engines find to be legitimate. We review domains, including their backlinks, to make sure they meet our quality requirements before agreeing to exchange any backlinks.

We don’t allow…

1. Adult, indecent, or illegal sites: Pornography, sex-related industries, gambling sites, sites about illegal drugs or weapons, sites promoting violence, hatred, terrorism, or any other indecent site.

This includes sites about male-enhancement products or supplements, and sites providing instructions for any of the above (how to acquire illegal drugs, how to build weapons, etc.).

This list is not comprehensive. If we find a site indecent for a reason not listed here, we will not allow it.

2. Non-original sites: Duplicate content, scraped content, or sites that are entirely article feeds. We want only original content on our network, and we want to link only to original content. This is good for you, for your use of our service, and good for us.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo! love original content, and so do we.

3. Black hat sites: Sites that are link farms, or link directories, sites that have random or poorly written content, sites infected with malware, littered with pop-ups, or that promote scams.

We also disallow dropped sites that are unrelated to the content in the Wayback Machine ( The content of a site must be related to its archive history.

4. Risks to us: If you are a Ranking Smart competitor, if you are promoting our affiliate links, or if you are a site linking to a site using Ranking Smart, we cannot accept your domain.

5. Sites that are not in English.

6. Sites with no content or very little content, or landing pages: You must have at least three pages of unique, indexed content (not counting privacy policies, etc.).

7. Brand new sites that have no backlinks.